The Science of Color in Decorating Your Rooms

color wheelColor is an art but there is also a science to it that can evoke different feelings or emotions. This is true not only of things like website design, and office buildings, but also of the rooms in which we spend the most time–those inside our home. Color is used to promote the feelings that we want people to have and to showcase our style. One example of this is the green room where people wait for television broadcasting. It was designed to provide relaxation and conversation and it works very well.

In order to ensure that your company feels at home or to ensure feelings of warmth and welcome there are certain colors that you can use that will make the room that you are decorating feel warmer, cooler or more relaxing.

Blue for example offers up feelings of trust and promotes relaxation. If you’d like to create that kind of feeling–probably most appropriate in a bedroom, then you can use warm blues or lighter blue to make your guests relax and feel at home. Too much blue can often backfire. Science tells us that the blue color can actually promote sleeping so having a lot of blue in a room such as your living room will actively encourage sleep.

Red is a color that provides energy. Too much red in a room can actually promote anger or provide too much energy. It’s best used in darker tones when used on the walls or, if you want to inject a bit of energy into the room, create a small area where red is a brilliant accent that will draw attention to that space. A white or black sofa can benefit from red accent pillows to add a splash of color and energy to that area. Red or dark red carpet or flooring can provide a dramatic counterpoint for a lighter colored wall or furniture.

Yellow is bright and sunny but may also cause caution, much as it is used in a stop light to provide a cautionary statement to the drive. Yellow in the kitchen adds energy and offers a wake up call to the person entering the room. The shades matter as much as the color. A lighter, buttercream yellow may seem more easy on the eyes and provide a little more relaxation and add a touch of energy,while the deeper yellow in a large amount might create tension. Yellow or cream colored rugs in a room mesh well with browns, blacks, blues or even red but too much of the color can be problematic unless it is laid out in various tones.

Experimentation with different colors can provide you with rooms that are pleasant and relaxing and offer your family and friends the ideal backdrop for interactions. Using different colors and textures in the room, mixing and matching them will create a more interesting environment. Your style in decorating says a lot about y ou. Experiment with carpet and flooring colors until you get the look that you want. Don’t settle for something that isn’t you.