Crashing Through the Wall

You are in the kitchen fixing a late night snack when you hear the most awful noise you have ever heard. When you run to the living room, you see what is left of a car’s front grill through what is left of your living room window and wall. Hours later, after the police have left, you survey the damage. It is not good.

The wall, siding, some hardwood flooring and window will all have to be replaced. Even with insurance covering most of it, there will still be some out of pocket expense. Before you can do anything, you have to know just how much damage there is. Some damage may not be readily visible. A qualified inspector will be needed to examine the area and determine the extent of the damage. Then you can start the process of getting estimates for repairs.

If you are fortunate, the damage will not extend to the foundation or the roof. It will still be expensive and time consuming to have all the damage repaired. At least part of the wall frame will have to be rebuilt. Then wall sheathing can be put in place, followed by insulating and hanging new sheet rock. After that comes dry walling, replacing the window, applying texture and primer so the wall can be repainted. Then new siding that matches what is already on the house will need to be hung.

This type of scenario doesn’t happen often but it is a nightmare for those unfortunate ones it does happen to. Should anything like this ever happen to you, it helps ease the stress to know of a good, reliable contractor that can handle most if not all of the repair work before such a tragedy occurs. Don’t wait until you are already in such a nightmarish situation to find the right company. Find out which company you would want now so you can call right away to get the repair ball rolling.

Replace Damaged Siding or Completely Residing Your Home

Replacing damaged siding with new siding that matches the existing siding is not always easy, especially if your home is an older home that has never been resided. It may not even be possible to match it and then the only option is to completely reside the entire house.

Before you decide a complete residing is necessary, contact a reputable company and speak with a professional about your situation. Let them know you would prefer to match the existing siding if at all possible. The professional will inspect your home’s current siding to determine what the most realistic option is. If the siding is old, there could be damage or weakness in the siding that is not readily apparent. A qualified inspector will know what to look for to determine whether you should reside completely or replacing just the damaged siding is the best option.

Should it be determined that residing is the best option, you will have the opportunity to upgrade as well as update your home’s exterior. If you are the kind of person who enjoys house painting, wood siding might be a good option. Some people like the look of stucco and don’t mind the maintenance to keep it looking great.

Most people prefer not to have to do that kind of maintenance and if that is you, there are many low maintenance siding options to consider. Common options include aluminum and vinyl siding. Neither requires new paint every couple of years and can easily be cleaned. These are not the only options you have though. If you like the look of brick or stone, you can have that look without the expense of real brick or stone masonry. Some siding gives the look of brick or stone but don’t cost as much or take as long to install.

Whether you opt for siding replacement or a complete residing job, talk to a professional before making a final decision. Repairs and maintenance on your home is more than just keeping it is good repair. It is an investment.

Flooring & Carpet Quotes

My little collection of favorite quotes.

“If books were Persian carpets, one would not look only at the outer side. Because it is the stitch that makes a carpet wear, gives it its life and bloom.”
Rumer Godden

“It’s easier to put on slippers than to carpet the whole world.”
Al Franken

“From our broadcasting box you can’t see any grass at all. It is simply a carpet of humanity.”
Richie Benaud

“My view is quite simple. When your dog pees on the carpet, you do not give away your dog. You say, This dog is special. I have to teach him not to pee on the carpet. I feel exactly the same way about men. They need to be taught things.”
Jacqueline Bisset

“Every spring, this country will be reminded of the Lady from Texas. As trees bloom and flowers carpet our nation’s capital, Lady Bird Johnson will be remembered. Only Lady Bird Johnson could, with her vision of a beautiful America, lay claim to spring as her memorial.”
David Mixner

“We are borrowing money from future generations. We are borrowing the carbon impact, the resource impact from future generations to get stuff cheap now. We have swept the dirt and dust from our society under the carpet – but this carpet is on other side of the planet.”
Kevin McCloud

“All of us have moments in our lives that test our courage. Taking children into a house with a white carpet is one of them.”
Erma Bombeck

CEO Modular Carpet Tiles

Finding high quality reliable carpet tile for flooring is not always an easy task, there are many qualifications to consider before purchasing. The best kind of carpet is easy to install, durable and will last a long time before becoming worn. This style of carpet has both raised and lower vertical stripes, when these are aligned correctly the overall effect is stylish. These qualities can be found in the pure genius collection of carpet tile that CEO manufactures.

Most of the installers who use this carpet style turn each tile partway around to provide a smooth and professional appearance. The mixture of color is designed to work with a variety of furnishings in any room. The carpet flooring tiles are designed to handle the heavy foot traffic and still remain sharp looking. When purchasing carpet for a business or home, be certain of your measurements, this will save time and money. These American made carpet tiles are a good investment for your home because with carpet tile flooring it will be used a long time before needing to be replaced.

There are many online suppliers to choose from – Here are a few we’ve bought from:

Check with your installer to see what supplier they think is the best for service, price, quality, and on-time delivery.


Restoring Your Hardwoods – Carpet Removal

old-carpetCarpet has its place, but if you’re like a lot of people, you’d really rather have the hardwood flooring underneath. Taking out carpet can give your home a whole new look and feel, add a lot of aesthetic appeal and even increase its resale value – and in many cases, it’s a relatively quick and easy project which you can do yourself.

Assuming that your carpet isn’t attached with an adhesive, this is very simple. Start by cutting the carpet into strips using a utility knife (don’t go too deep or you’ll cut through the padding and damage the floor). This will make it easier to pull up and make getting it out much more manageable. Next, you’ll need to pull the carpet loose from the tack strip (start from a corner for this); pliers or a very thick pair of work gloves will make this easier. Keep pulling along the walls to remove each section of carpet.

Getting the padding out is easy enough. It’s usually attached with staples; just pull them out with pliers and remove the padding as you go. Once it’s out, you can take on the tack strips. With the right tools (pry bar, a hammer and pliers), this can be a very easy job. Slip the end of the pry bar under the tack strip, giving it a tap with the hammer if needed. Once you have enough leverage, pry the strip away from the floor and slide the pry bar along. If your tack strip is fairly new, this should go smoothly. Otherwise, you may have to pry out nails individually if the strip breaks into pieces.

After the tack strips are out, just go over the room carefully and pry up any remaining tacks or nails and clean up any residue from the padding. The next step will be to refinish the floors, but chances are that your home is starting to look better already – and all it took was a few hours work taking out the carpeting!

Natural Carpet Cleaning Can Prolong Your Carpet Life

Carpets are not a small expense. The truth is that it may be one of the biggest expenditures that you make. Keeping your carpets clean can be the single biggest factor in providing for the longevity of your rugs.

Dirt–believe it or not–is sharp and may actually cut the fibers of your rug. Vacuuming regularly can help to remove a good portion of the built up dust and dirt, but it cannot prevent the fibers of the carpet from tearing due to the ground in or excessive dust or dirt.

If you clean the carpets before they become too badly soiled, not only will the cleaning task be more easily accomplished but the carpets may also be saved from excessive wear and tear. You can prolong the life of your carpet simply be cleaning it regularly or by having it professionally cleaned regularly.

The prevalent myth seems to be that cleaning your carpets too frequently will actually wear them out more rapidly. In reality the reverse is true. In most cases, unless you are using heavy brushes that are damaging to the rug, the carpet can only benefit from being cleaned. The dust and dirt that is introduced into the carpets, as mentioned, can cut the fibers. In addition, pollutants that are carried into the house from outside are not only damaging to the occupants of the home in that they may be toxic, but they are damaging to the fibers of the carpet. In some cases, pollutants that are carried into the home on the soles of shoes can cause carpet fibers to break down dramatically, damaging the carpet extensively.

The best method of making sure that your carpet gets clean and stays clean is a steam cleaner with a more natural cleaning solution. These might include things such as lavender oil added to plain water, which breaks down dust and can actually kill some types of bacteria.

White vinegar can also be a very effective cleansing agent that will remove tough dirt, break down chemicals and can also kill germs that cause illness.

Using a mild vegetable soap in your cleaning along with an anti foaming agent will be another way to naturally clean carpets, kill germs and remove odors from the carpet without introducing chemicals that may also be toxic to children and pets.

Regardless of what you use to cleanse the carpet, making sure that the greatest amount of water possible is removed from the carpet is a necessity. Keeping the rug damp over a long span of time will serve to multiple bacteria, may introduce mold or mildew growth and other allergens into your home.

Remove as much water as possible from the rug and then run a fan over the surface of the rug until it is completely dry.

Decorating the Nursery. Common Sense Money Saving Tips

nursery-decoratingThe nursery is a place where the parents will be spending a great deal of time at first. It goes without saying that the baby will spend a lot of time here too, which means that you want it to be warm and inviting as well as being a pleasant and relaxing place where the baby and the parents can spend their time together.

When decorating you’ll be well advised to use things that can grow with your baby.You’ll also want to think about a color that may be able to grow with your baby rather than something that will need to be painted or repainted in a year from now. Using neutral tones and decorating with decals and removable borders may be the best option, rather than painting and decorating with small baby items such as teddy bears or other things on the wall.

Your child is going to grow and eventually what is now a nursery will no longer be so, but instead bedroom for a toddler and then a younger child. Their tastes are going to change dramatically in just a few years.

Vinyl borders are readily available in nearly any wall covering store. They can be wiped and can be completely removed without leaving a mark on the walls. These will allow you to decorate with a theme and still to remove it to replace it as your baby grows into a toddler.

Using a neutral tone or a lighter tone such as a pale green or neutral cream color can then be bordered with other tones or colors. Removable vinyl decals on the wall will wipe clean far more easily than paper ones so consider that nod to easy to clean walls as well.

Carpeting in the infants room, or for a child’s room for that matter is of the utmost importance. Making sure that the carpet is easy care and easy clean is part of the issue, of course, but making it bright and comfortable and appealing is going to be more than important to the child.

Carpet is a reasonable investment for your child’s room and can be very helpful to prevent falls and injuries. Carpet and padding can keep a child safer simply by virtue of padding the room. Children are nothing if not rough and tumble. Carpet tiles may be your best option in a child’s room. Stains and spills can happen. Being able to remove just one carpet tile and replace it is easier and certainly more cost effective than replacing an entire room.

The nursery is also a place where you want to be able to clean it easily and make sure that you have furnishings that don’t absorb the dirt, but rather, repel it and keep the nursery as clean as possible. Choose the type of carpet that will be easy clean and easy care to keep your nursery as clean as possible with as little effort as possible.