Crashing Through the Wall

You are in the kitchen fixing a late night snack when you hear the most awful noise you have ever heard. When you run to the living room, you see what is left of a car’s front grill through what is left of your living room window and wall. Hours later, after the police have left, you survey the damage. It is not good.

The wall, siding, some hardwood flooring and window will all have to be replaced. Even with insurance covering most of it, there will still be some out of pocket expense. Before you can do anything, you have to know just how much damage there is. Some damage may not be readily visible. A qualified inspector will be needed to examine the area and determine the extent of the damage. Then you can start the process of getting estimates for repairs.

If you are fortunate, the damage will not extend to the foundation or the roof. It will still be expensive and time consuming to have all the damage repaired. At least part of the wall frame will have to be rebuilt. Then wall sheathing can be put in place, followed by insulating and hanging new sheet rock. After that comes dry walling, replacing the window, applying texture and primer so the wall can be repainted. Then new siding that matches what is already on the house will need to be hung.

This type of scenario doesn’t happen often but it is a nightmare for those unfortunate ones it does happen to. Should anything like this ever happen to you, it helps ease the stress to know of a good, reliable contractor that can handle most if not all of the repair work before such a tragedy occurs. Don’t wait until you are already in such a nightmarish situation to find the right company. Find out which company you would want now so you can call right away to get the repair ball rolling.

Replace Damaged Siding or Completely Residing Your Home

Replacing damaged siding with new siding that matches the existing siding is not always easy, especially if your home is an older home that has never been resided. It may not even be possible to match it and then the only option is to completely reside the entire house.

Before you decide a complete residing is necessary, contact a reputable company and speak with a professional about your situation. Let them know you would prefer to match the existing siding if at all possible. The professional will inspect your home’s current siding to determine what the most realistic option is. If the siding is old, there could be damage or weakness in the siding that is not readily apparent. A qualified inspector will know what to look for to determine whether you should reside completely or replacing just the damaged siding is the best option.

Should it be determined that residing is the best option, you will have the opportunity to upgrade as well as update your home’s exterior. If you are the kind of person who enjoys house painting, wood siding might be a good option. Some people like the look of stucco and don’t mind the maintenance to keep it looking great.

Most people prefer not to have to do that kind of maintenance and if that is you, there are many low maintenance siding options to consider. Common options include aluminum and vinyl siding. Neither requires new paint every couple of years and can easily be cleaned. These are not the only options you have though. If you like the look of brick or stone, you can have that look without the expense of real brick or stone masonry. Some siding gives the look of brick or stone but don’t cost as much or take as long to install.

Whether you opt for siding replacement or a complete residing job, talk to a professional before making a final decision. Repairs and maintenance on your home is more than just keeping it is good repair. It is an investment.