Refinish your Hardwood Floors is a timeless flooring option. This flooring option requires outine maintenance. Providing regular care and maintenance to your hardwood floors ensures quality floors that last. Maintenance involves repairing and refinishing your floors. Follow these steps:

1) Assess the floor for holes or cracks in the hardwood that may need to be plugged before you proceed.

2) Repair holes and scratches. Use wood plug or putty to plug into the hole

3) Thoroughly clean your floor.

4) Sand your floor removing rough spots and creating a smooth surface. When refinishing hardwood floors, it is important to start with a rougher and more courser sand paper and then to refine it using sandpaper with a lower grit.

be sure to avoid spending too much time in any one section of the floor. For corners that are too small to access with the belt or drum sander, a hand sander is a good option. Run the sander over your hardwood floors and then lower the grit level to further smooth out the floor.

5) Use mineral spirits to clean  thoroughly.

6) Refinish by deciding if you will be using a water or oil based refinish. Oil is generally thought to provide better care and protection for your wood, but it takes longer to apply and dry. Oil based refinishes also have a strong smell and need to be properly ventilated.

If all else fails you can always cover up the floor with carpet or carpet tile.