Carpet Tile Installation

It is easier to install the carpet tiles than it is the wall-to-wall broadloom carpet that has to be stretched. You just need to know the correct technique. This style of carpet is laid in individual pieces, so deciding on the right starting place probably is the hardest part of the task. This task is finished fairly quickly, once you are able to start and your new floor will be ready to walk on in short time.

Locate the Room’s Center Point

You can use a chalk line to mark the center point from opposing corners of the room. You will need to make two chalk lines using all four corners of the room. The lines will intersect in the middle of your room. You may place on tile dead center or four tiles around the center point depending on your design. Make sure the center on it meets the center of the room and then install the other tiles out from that point.

Your Lines Need to be Square

Square your lines before you start to install the pieces of carpet. Measure out from the intersection of lines four feet on one of your lines and then measure three feet out using another line. You should have five feet in between these lines, for them to be square. You may have to make some adjustments to square the lines.

Make Edges Equal

The tiles around the edges should be at least a half a tile in width. Before adhering carpet tile, lay them out on the floor in the desired pattern up to the point where you cannot fit a full tile. At this point, see what adjustments would have to be made to make the edges all a half tile in width. This will ensure that you have even edges.

It is Time to Lay the Tiles

Start by positioning the tiles in the center of the room. Most people place one tile in each of the four sections of the room around the center point. (Of course, this depends on your design.) You work out slowly building a larger square by surrounding the four center ones with other tiles. Keep working in this manner until you are at the edge pieces.

Cut the Carpet Tiles to Finish the Edges

You will need to cut the tiles to the right size for the edges of the room, unless the room has ideal dimensions, which few do. Measure from the wall to the already laid tiles and mark the tiles accordingly on the back. Cut the tiles and lay them. Repeat until the floor is finished.

Use a Roller on the Floor

Rent one of the 75-pound rollers to place added weight on the adhesive on the tiles to make sure they adhere properly to the base floor. Now, your floor is ready for use.