CEO Modular Carpet Tiles

Finding high quality reliable carpet tile for flooring is not always an easy task, there are many qualifications to consider before purchasing. The best kind of carpet is easy to install, durable and will last a long time before becoming worn. This style of carpet has both raised and lower vertical stripes, when these are aligned correctly the overall effect is stylish. These qualities can be found in the pure genius collection of carpet tile that CEO manufactures.

Most of the installers who use this carpet style turn each tile partway around to provide a smooth and professional appearance. The mixture of color is designed to work with a variety of furnishings in any room. The carpet flooring tiles are designed to handle the heavy foot traffic and still remain sharp looking. When purchasing carpet for a business or home, be certain of your measurements, this will save time and money. These American made carpet tiles are a good investment for your home because with carpet tile flooring it will be used a long time before needing to be replaced.

There are many online suppliers to choose from – Here are a few we’ve bought from:

Check with your installer to see what supplier they think is the best for service, price, quality, and on-time delivery.