Decorating the Nursery. Common Sense Money Saving Tips

nursery-decoratingThe nursery is a place where the parents will be spending a great deal of time at first. It goes without saying that the baby will spend a lot of time here too, which means that you want it to be warm and inviting as well as being a pleasant and relaxing place where the baby and the parents can spend their time together.

When decorating you’ll be well advised to use things that can grow with your baby.You’ll also want to think about a color that may be able to grow with your baby rather than something that will need to be painted or repainted in a year from now. Using neutral tones and decorating with decals and removable borders may be the best option, rather than painting and decorating with small baby items such as teddy bears or other things on the wall.

Your child is going to grow and eventually what is now a nursery will no longer be so, but instead bedroom for a toddler and then a younger child. Their tastes are going to change dramatically in just a few years.

Vinyl borders are readily available in nearly any wall covering store. They can be wiped and can be completely removed without leaving a mark on the walls. These will allow you to decorate with a theme and still to remove it to replace it as your baby grows into a toddler.

Using a neutral tone or a lighter tone such as a pale green or neutral cream color can then be bordered with other tones or colors. Removable vinyl decals on the wall will wipe clean far more easily than paper ones so consider that nod to easy to clean walls as well.

Carpeting in the infants room, or for a child’s room for that matter is of the utmost importance. Making sure that the carpet is easy care and easy clean is part of the issue, of course, but making it bright and comfortable and appealing is going to be more than important to the child.

Carpet is a reasonable investment for your child’s room and can be very helpful to prevent falls and injuries. Carpet and padding can keep a child safer simply by virtue of padding the room. Children are nothing if not rough and tumble. Carpet tiles may be your best option in a child’s room. Stains and spills can happen. Being able to remove just one carpet tile and replace it is easier and certainly more cost effective than replacing an entire room.

The nursery is also a place where you want to be able to clean it easily and make sure that you have furnishings that don’t absorb the dirt, but rather, repel it and keep the nursery as clean as possible. Choose the type of carpet that will be easy clean and easy care to keep your nursery as clean as possible with as little effort as possible.